Skateboard painting

For me any artwork is an energy of a condition of the artist, spilled on created object which is entering an interaction with its contemplator.
So you can enter in a resonance of special feelings with it or it can serve as the catalyst of a stream of certain associations and emotions.

Young people fly by on skateboards on the streets of the cities on a high speed. Virtuoso of improvization, they are opening the full power of life without any fear,
they fall down and get up again.
Exactly this free positive strong energy i want to bring on canvas.

The working process is activated by a powerful movement of the entire body, creation of a special condition of free flight, alternation of precision and spontaneity.
Movement of dab, speed of spreading the paint demands other rules, means absolutely other approach of painting, instead of already known techniques.

Only a man on the wheels is inside of the space of the paint and the colors.
Euphoria of the first love to the new style, the ocean of fresh impressions of an absolutely modern language,
is probably similar to what felt Columbus discovering the new world.

as result of "fearlessness of the layman", forgetfulness to history and the beginning of other life on canvas-

flying lines, roads of feelings, thoughts are creating
energetic knots, galaxies, interlacings in the universum.

The skateboard painting is modelling and reflecting the universe itself with its anarchy and wildlife.
But in its process, it opens up a close interactions and a meaning of all phenomena.

Elena Mildner