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Danae — beauty and lightness on the millionaire fair in Moscow 2007

The Danae installation plays with the multiple ways of perceiving beauty and virginity. A fully white plain surface as a background, with a cut out figure outline minimizes the figural expression of the composition to the beauty of a perfect line on a background. The pose of the Danae, playing with the renaissance erotic interpretation of the virgin, in this piece is much more vertically oriented, expresses a stronger self confidence and starts to communicate with the observer.

The architecture extended the piece in space; the scene was interpreted stage-like according to the composition of the painting adding depth, frame and a figure ground relationship with the visitors interacting in the overall composition.

Art piece: Elena Mildner
Architecture: Oliver Bertram (www.differentfutures.com)
Client: I-tex agency (www.i-tex.su)